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It isn’t uncommon to see fetish websites claiming that they were ‘the first’ or ‘the original,’ but really was the first BDSM dating website. It was created all the way back in 1997, but it has continued to grow and improve over the years.

The platform began as a more straightforward dating site for professionals, who were also into BDSM and fetish play. Couples were welcome too, as they are now, but many of the current features were yet to be developed. It took time for to become the premier BSDM dating site on the internet, but it can now claim that title.

The community is a warm, friendly place where both the fetish curious and BDSM veterans can find adventure. The website is open to pretty much anybody who can follow the rules and play nice (until asked otherwise). That means couples, individuals, and groups.

While it might not have been the most accurate portrayal of BDSM culture, we do have to thank Fifty Shades of Grey for really opening up the world of kink and fetish. The worldwide hit about a woman who falls in love with a very dominant Master has helped people better understand fetish culture and start exploring it for themselves.

Currently, has 5,000,000 members. This makes it the Number One BDSM website anywhere in the world. So, if you’re interested in BDSM dating, there’s no better place to look.

Rates and Special Features

Regular Members

The basic membership package is actually free. You don’t have to pay anything. It allows you to check out some of the main features of, but there are restrictions. In fact, the basic package is great for trialling the service if you’re not sure whether it’ll be right for you.

You can sign up, pay nothing for the privilege, and try and get in touch with hot BDSM singles. Once you’re satisfied that is what you need, a more advanced membership is recommended. It comes with a small monthly fee, but all of the best features will be unlocked.

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Silver Members

Silver members are entitled to enjoy all of the following features:

– View and chat to other members

– Watch video content from other members

– Limited access to blogs, groups, magazines

– 24/7 customer service and account assistance

One Month: $19.95

Three Months: $35.97

Twelve Months: $107.40

It is actually much cheaper to sign up to a continuous package, but we understand that you might want to try the features out before committing to a long term arrangement.

Gold Members

Gold members are entitled to enjoy all of the following features:

– View and chat to other members

– Watch video content from other members

– Full access to blogs, groups, magazines

– 24/7 customer service and account assistance

– Your profile will appear at the top of searches

– Upload more photos and videos

– View ICO, AIM, YIM, and MSN details of members

One Month: $29.95

Three Months: $59.97

Twelve Months: $161.10

Gold members who buy three months get a bonus month for free. This means that you’ll be treated to a whole month of BDSM dating opportunities. If you buy a year of, you get a bumper six months extra at no cost.

Extra Features and Perks

Profile Improvements

If you’ve been browsing for a while and you’re not getting any interest from other members, your profile might need upgrading. Don’t forget that this is your place to shine; your opportunity to sell yourself as a kinky, exciting playmate.

The Profile Improvement feature can be used to overhaul a profile and dramatically increase the chance of views, messages, and interest from other members.

One Month: $19.95

Three Months: $53.90

Twelve Months: $107.40

Bigger, Brighter Profile

If you’re still not satisfied with your visibility, the Brighter Profile feature will place your bio and other details in a brightly coloured display. That way, nobody is going to miss you and you’ll get more messages and views.

One Month: $9.95

Three Months: $26.85

High Quality BDSM Videos

You can enjoy more than just flirting on The website also offers access to a collection of high quality BDSM videos and films. There are no limits on how much content you can watch. You just have to decide how long you want your access privileges to last.

One Month: $14.95

Three Months: $29.90

If you’re still interested and eager to become a member of – the best BDSM dating website in the world – here are some of the things that you’ll be able to do once you’re registered and have an account.

Benefits of Being an Member

Create and Post Video Content

It is actually not that common to find fetish websites which support user generated videos. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why is so popular and stands out from the competition. Making a funny, silly, or thrilling video is a great way to get other members interested in what you have to offer.

Do remember that only silver and gold members can watch video content. In fact, if you’re keen to spend your time online chatting with premium members only, uploading a video will make it easy to tell which users are eligible.

Fetish Filters and Search Tools

As anybody who has been involved with the BDSM lifestyle will know, it can be a very complex and varied world. There are all kinds of ways to practice BDSM and a million different fetishes which can accompany it; from foot obsessions to spanking, whipping, bondage, tickling, and much more.

The search tools on are a quick and easy way to target the things that you’re interested in. So, if high heels and caning don’t do it for you, but fem doms and face sitting drive you wild, you can use the filters to identify great content and compatible members.

Live Webcam Chats

You’ll only find live webcam features on the best dating websites. The chatrooms on are safe, lots of fun, and they’ll help you get close to the members that you develop a connection with. There are, of course, plenty of admin tools and features to keep chatting parties safe and comfortable.

The rules emphasise respect and courtesy. You can only chat with another member if they are happy to chat with you. However, if the sparks fly, there’s no stopping you. You can chat for hours if you like and hopefully the encounter will turn into something even more special.

The Bottom Line has become the biggest and best BDSM dating website for a reason. It offers consistently great service and you won’t be disappointed with the broad range of features on offer. You don’t have to dive in heard first and become a premium member right away, but we think you’ll soon be eager to upgrade if you start off with the standard free package.

Just to reiterate, this alt, kink, BDSM, and fetish website can offer you all of the following things:

– Support for as many as ten languages

– Profiles are easy to create and promote

– Extremely safe, with plenty of security features

– Private and personal data is always protected

The only real downside to using is the fact that there’s no Android app for the site. There is likely to be one in the future, as the site grows and develops, but Android users might want to consider this before they buy a membership.

Also, the demographic of the website is skewed to couples and singles over the age of thirty. This won’t be a problem for most people, but it is worth thinking about.

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